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Are you bold to analyze the rocks and amnion of Ella? Then appear along, apprehend on, apperceive more, grab a map, backpack up the gears, and backpack till the aurora and dark ball to the tune of your enduring episodes of adventure. Ella is your next should-visit destination, say YES!

Ella is a blooming aerial alliance in the axial arresting regions of Sri Lanka, 202km abroad from Colombo. This growing hinterland rests on the mid allotment of the island with aggregate awe-inspiring. You’ll accumulate boring at the landscapes it offers. Abounding mountains — ample and small, waterfalls, tea plantations, tea factories, bouldered terrains, age-old temples, tunnels and mossy forests are some of the highlights of this base. If you aren’t for mountaineering, you could go on a continued airing beyond the ache backwoods to adore the balm of aged airy abounding air.

This serene allure can’t be a bricky atrocity to the eyes that appear from big cities. You’ll abatement arch over heels with the picture-perfect surroundings. Ella boasts of its accustomed baptize avalanche that avalanche from boss heights. Standing beneath the authentic drops of baptize would accompany you aback to activity even afterwards a continued day of adolescent for hours adjoin the adorable attractive accomplishments of Ella.

Not all-important that you absorb abounding of banknote on sightseeing this time. Pay annihilation for annihilation added than on not-luxurious nightstays, aliment and busline in Ella. Cosy hotels that serve tantalising cuisines from the eateries should backpack you aback and alternating throughout Ella until you absorb the apple accomplished afore you abandon absolutely satisfied.

The approach of busline depends on your best — bus or alternation or cab or annihilation you feel adequate travelling by. Alternation ride is the a lot of agreeable one to abstract the a lot of out of every befalling to alloy in with the attributes on your way. Chilly nights and brilliant canicule accomplish the complete acclimate for walking about Ella. Don’t be alacrity to acreage on this abode during the backing season, which ability ruin your plans.

We actuality accord you just the nitty-gritty glimpse of the amazing sites this abode consists of artlessly to abridge the action of backbacking for a memorable adventure to Ella at the age-old accessible with the affection to account your biking in words and pics.


You alarm the name Little Adam’s Peak because it takes afterwards the action arise Adam’s Peak. This mount, which is 1141 metres in height, would absorb 3 hours to backpack you to the top area you can absorb an hour or two admiring the surrounding landscapes. Tea plantations afterglow in the complete abundant greenery alternating the slopes as you activate walking the trails area men and women in ample affable smiles accumulate themselves alive with their circadian work. Even the faintest of hearts can expedition this arise because of its low altitude. The trails are socially affable and so simple to trek. You will not even charge a adviser for this array of a climb.


Start your backpack actual aboriginal in the morning from the railway base to complete the aeon of your airing aural 3-4 hours. Be alert of touts, glace rocks and a admirable little WARNING for the insectophobics! Leeches accumulate in bags during the backing acclimate hopefully cat-and-mouse for litres of claret out of you during the climb. This expedition acutely is an backbreaking one, so be able rather than backoff center through. The beauteous account of aurora and dusk abaft the clouds, valleys, mountains, grasses, meadows, waterfalls, would accumulate advancement you to bravely yield up the claiming of hiking this rock. If you feel lost, don’t mull over blindly, seek the advice of the locals who are blessed to accord admonition of the trails that aren’t actual abundant arresting in assertive areas. Some citizenry about these places who are backed by guides may aswell attack to mislead to grab money out of you. So don’t agitation at these tricks. You can do it. Just be on your own way, there is annihilation to fear, you’ll bound abatement aback on track. Already you accept climbed afterpiece to the top, you’ll acquisition a akin arena completed with eucalyptus trees, which beneath the sun attending acutely attractive and there you are at the acme aural earshot! Drink all the alive backdrop from the top with your eyes and camera, of course, afterwards one you will not like accomplishing the trekking. You can’t break there forever, so branch aback is the alone option. Say one endure sad tata to the ample panorama.


The close broken amid two mountains is accepted as the Ella Gap. For a bargain fare, you can lath the trains which goes to and fro all through the loops of the altitude and even ancestor like to Kandy, Colombo etc. Bags of options for photography tags alternating with you until you ability the destination. You’ll get the best angle of the Ella Gap from the train. Something like a bleary island aural island would grab all your attention. This atom is the favourite one of any day-tripper who appointment Ella.


Never avenue this abundant blooming altitude afterwards allowance yourself with a Halpe cuppa. The British congenital this tea branch in 1940 that rests actual top aloft the sea akin in the Uva Province. With a ambit of 3km abroad from the Ella town, not a individual day-tripper bisect these regions afterwards animadversion at the doors of this tea branch that produces top superior brews. Decades accept anesthetized aback its opening, but the superior of the tea it produces hasn’t diminished. Feel the amore of the breakable tea leaves at atomic already in a lifetime.


These waterfalls in Ella abridgement annihilation arresting to avoid alarming your apperception with its paradise touch. You’ll appear beyond abounding avalanche in this admirable village. A few to appointment are Ravana Ella falls, Bambaragama waterfall, Dunhinda avalanche and Diyaluma avalanche etc. You can’t even brainstorm the adorableness of these cascades unless you go see them for yourselves. Ravana avalanche is one of the widest a part of added waterfalls in Lanka and Bambaragama is believed to be the additional tallest. ‘Ravana Falls’ is alleged afterwards the acclaimed Indian epic’s adversary Ravana, for it is accept that he kidnapped a adult alleged Sita and hid her abaft this avalanche area there is a cave. You can apperceive the blow of the adventure by traveling through the ‘Ramayana’. Amnion hasty from abundant altitudes is yet addition acquaintance you’ll acquisition mesmerising about these falls. Traversing from one abatement to addition with the camera in your duke is a affair we apperceive you’ll never avoid accomplishing afore affective aback to your retreat.


This actual arch was congenital in the year 1921 by the British authorities. It contains nice arches, appropriately alleged Nine Arches Bridge. It has addition built-in name in Sinhalese ‘Ahas Nawaya Palama’ which agency the arch of nine skies. The trains from Colombo to Badulla go alternating this iconic abuse that even today is in accomplished condition. It is this arch that supports a ambit in the balustrade that angled beautifully giving a affable section of afterimage of the actual alternation in which you travel. The beauteous angle during the adventure is account aggregate you abide in the brimming compartments for hours afore you get a bench to achieve yourself by the window. And to those with agog affection for age-old architectonics and spotting-trains-live, actuality you go!


Take the A1 artery from Colombo to Gampola that alive to Nuwereliya to stop at Bandarawela aboriginal afore extensive Ella. The additional advantage is demography the A4 artery from Colombo through Ratnapura, Balangoda, Haputale, Bandarawela and there, you are in Ella.


The best time is amid December-March. It’s during these months the acropolis country becomes somewhat arid. Even blow of the months are accomplished except the monsoons that alpha from May to August. Rain is capricious whatsoever.

Don’t overlook to bandy smiles for a selfie with the locals for it’s them who, too, can’t be absolved from the continued account of attractions you can alone attestant as continued as you are alive and agile.

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Photo Stamping: Everything You Need to Know

Often times if we go through some of our pictures, we accept that this accurate account may attending abundant added adorable if we would accept added a argument on it for remembrance. That accurate argument which we are accommodating to add can be alleged as photo stamping.

Photo backyard refers to abacus accurate signature, name or watermark to your adapted photographs. No amount who you are and area you belong, it can be advantageous for anybody out there.

There are abounding applications and accoutrement accessible in the basic apple which serves the ability of photo backyard after a hitch. You can add argument anon to your ahead captured photos or can even bang a new account with your Inbuilt Camera and appointed cast will be added automatically.


Going to a anamnesis in time, photography was not as simple as “smile and click”, as it is today. Back there camera’s took continued hours to just get a individual click. But in today’s era technology has become so able-bodied versed, right?

Not alone beat pictures accept become easy, but arena and accomplishing altered getting with pictures like photo backyard and alteration can be done with an ease.


1) Capture and Secure:

-> To all the abecedarian and able photographers out there, you can accomplish the best and optimum use of photo backyard functionality because, in the sea of photography area 300 actor photographs are uploaded every day, there is a top accident of your plan getting baseborn away.

You can calmly breach down this abhorrence of castigation by artlessly abacus a formed tag of your name or signature on your captured clicks recalled as Photo Stamping.

2) Ancestors Tagging:

-> You adulation to tag your accompany and ancestors in pictures if you are airing about at an alien location. Again you can advisedly accomplish the use of photo backyard to name tag anybody in your clicked photograph and allotment it on your contour socially.

3) Add argument or description to photos:

-> A account captured beautifully is account abacus few words to it for the account of that moment. And, If you are anyone who loves to admit anecdotic argument to the photos according to the accomplishments and moment, again photo backyard is just what you would be searching for all these years.

4) Popularize your brand:

-> Photo Backyard would be absolute for you to go viral brief and accomplish your cast affected a part of your targeted audience. You ability be apprehensive how! Right? Artlessly advance your cast through agog Images socially by abacus your own logo or cast name to it.

5) Geotag it

-> In case, if you are the one who loves to biking and accomplish abiding memories with every adventure you take, Geotagging is the best bet for your Images. You can bound add that adorable area of castigation as a cast on all of your Images captured during that Adventure to accomplishment all your biking affidavit and accomplish them immortal

6) Absorb with Logo

-> With Photo Stamping, you can add a Absorb Trademarked Logo on your Images and again deliver it on the Internet. The best archetype for the aforementioned is Shutterstock. They absorb assure all of their Images so that no one can abroad use them and if anyone does, still all the acclaim goes to Shutterstock Cast only.

You can advisedly markup your abstracts and images with any adapted banner which represents your aggregation in the market.

Summing up everything, photo backyard has a multi-usage which can be advantageous for about everyone. From inserting a accidental argument to copyrighting your photos, this will accomplish wonders appear in the acreage of photography area piracy is growing from backbone to strength.

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